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Litterless Lunches

lunch box

Here are some tip sheets to help you pack litterless lunches. Although juice boxes can be recycled their straws and plastic wrap cannot. Try using a refillable juice container or re-usable bottle. It is better for the earth and your wallet!

Litterless Lunch Tips and Menu

Litterless lunches are good for both parents and the school. Litterless lunches decrease the amount of garbage in the school. One Eco-school goal is to reduce the garbage being disposed of from our school. This is one way our school community can help us. A litterless lunch can be cheaper to make than a disposable lunch, as it does use foods that are not pre-packaged. Although we can recycle juice boxes, we can't recycle the straws or the wrapper. Remember that recycling takes energy too.

Tips for packing a litterless lunch:

red apple use reusable lunch bags

red apple buy larger size beverage; pour into reusable drink containers

red apple pack sandwiches in reusable containers

red apple divide larger snacks into single serving reusable containers

red apple remember to put in a metal spoon/fork (utensil)

Once you get into the habit, you will be amazed how easy it is to do. Mother Earth will thank you!

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